Affordable Tools for the Plastic Bottle Industry

Our mission

QC Instruments exists solely to provide affordable, high-quality testing equipment to manufacturers of both lightweight and premium PET Bottles.

PET bottle and preform testing opportunities abound within the United States and Canada. Everyone who owns a blow molding machine needs to ensure the containers they produce meet their designated specifications.

QC Instruments is here to help you consistently meet these specifications and produce quality bottles. These instruments are an important addition to your laboratory or production line, and an excellent value for your investment.

Our Products

Our instruments are designed to measure PET bottle dimensions and performance characteristics to ensure the containers meet the requirements and tolerances specified on the bottle drawings.

PET Bottle Pressure
Burst Tester

Evaluates the performance of a bottle when pressurized to very high levels

Top Load

Ensures the vertical strength of PET bottles is sufficient for filling, capping and stacking of filled product

Bottle Thickness

Measures wall thickness at given locations using a magnetic thickness gauge

Hot Wire
Bottle Cutter

Cuts bottle sections at defined locations with repeatable accuracy for section weight analysis


Delivers accurate weighing results with speed and reliability

Base Clearance

Measures the dome height in the bottom of PET containers

Bottom Depth

Measures the dome height in the bottom of large PET containers

Fill Height
Syringe Kit

Improves accuracy during container fill height and volume measurements

Digital Height

Ensures bottle height measurement stability, accuracy and repeatability

Gate Centering

Verifies the injection point of a blown bottle is centered


Measures inside, outside, depth, and step values for versatility and accuracy

Pi Diameter

Converts circumferential distance into diameter measurement to be read directly from the scale

Powder Coated Steel Work Tables and Cabinets

Outperforms all other options, customized to your specific needs

Stainless Steel
Work Tables

Heavy duty and durable industrial grade tables

Our Packages

Each PET bottle market segment requires a unique set of analytical measuring devices.

CSD Bottle Instruments

Hot Fill Bottle Instruments

Gallon and Half Gallon Bottle Instruments

Water Bottle Instruments

QC Instruments honors our customers by providing unparalleled service and support, and maintaining relationships long after the sale.

We are in Atlanta, Georgia. We offer our 1,600 square foot showroom and training center to provide our clients with hands-on experience.

“We are extremely satisfied with the quality of QCI’s instruments and highly recommend QCI for your future instrument needs.”

Irsham Raza

Manager Quality Assurance, Large Beverage Company

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